MC Caterings selection of cold buffets

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Menu 1  £5.95

  • Grilled Tandoori chicken with a yogurt and mint dip
  • Vegetarian quiche selection
  • Assorted sandwiches with a selection of tasty fillings on white and brown bread.
  • Onion Bahji


Menu 2  £6.50

  • Chicken Tika Masala
  • Assorted sandwiches with meat and vegetarian fillings
  • Vegetable samosas
  • Golden baked sauasge rolls
  • Cheese and tomato pizza

Menu 3   £6.95

  • Open sandwiches with a selection of tasty fillings, including meat, fish and vegetarian.
  • Sticky sweet and sour chicken
  • Spicy potato wedges
  • Mushroom and leek bake
  • Crispy onion rings


Menu 4    £7.75


  • Selection of sandwiches on granary and white bread (smoked salmon and cucumber, cottage cheese and pineapple, roast ham and tomato, prawn and dill, turkey and cranberry.
  • Chargrilled chicken with a rocket and pesto salad
  • Humous and warm pitta bread
  • Mixed leaf and cherry tomato salad
  • Fresh fruit platter



Menu 5    £7.95


  • Tasty chicken duo- Tandoori and BBQ
  • Cocktail Indian mix with a yogurt and mint dip
  • Spicy wedges with with a sour cream dip
  • Tortilla  wraps with chunky Mexican Salsa
  • Deep fried onion rings
  • Brocoli and cheese bake


Opening Hours

 Mon - Fri 9.00-2.30pm

Sat - Sun  9.30-2.00pm

Afternoon Tea bookiings now been taken.


Tel: 0161 856 7993/7933

E-mail martin.mccatering@gmail.com


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